Biden’s Approval Below Trump’s at This Point – Reports CNN

Biden’s Approval Below Trump’s at This Point – Reports CNN

President Biden’s approval rating is nearing cataclysmic levels. The kind that led to Republicans picking up 63 seats in the U.S. House in 2010.

The only saving grace for the left is that Election Day isn’t here — yet.

Things certainly aren’t looking good, as Hot Air’s Allahpundit explains:

Mark Penn, who used to be chief pollster for Hillary Clinton, was on Fox News a few days ago surveying the outlook for Democrats. He offered a new phrase: “Virtual impossibility.” As in, it’s a virtual impossibility that Biden can be reelected in 2024 if something doesn’t change dramatically.

Biden’s approval with Independents is 26 percent and just a paltry three percent of Republicans say he is doing a good job.

There’s no mystery what the chief culprit is. For 40 years, America managed to avoid a sustained period of high inflation. Our lucky streak recently came to an end, giving political junkies a real-time lesson on whether inflation might be as politically poisonous to the ruling party now as it was in Jimmy Carter’s day. The answer, pretty clearly, is yes.

In fact, ’s chief anxiety lately isn’t whether Republicans will take back the House this fall. It’s whether there’ll be enough moderates in the new majority to actually pass necessary legislation or whether the caucus will be dominated by Marjorie-Taylor-Greene-style populist grifters who want to obstruct everything except the occasional grandstanding culture-war bill that has no chance of clearing the Senate.

Watch break down the latest ominous sign for the Democratic Party:

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