Controversial Trump Confidant Teases Gubernatorial Run

Controversial Trump Confidant Teases Gubernatorial Run

has a knack for snagging headlines when he wants them.

The longtime Republican operative is threatening to run as a libertarian candidate against popular Republican Gov. (R-Fla.). DeSantis’ crime? Saying the Florida Division of Elections did its job on Election Day 2020.

Then-President Trump won Florida by a greater margin in 2020 than in 2016. However, Trump’s victory and DeSantis’ conservative views aren’t good enough for Stone who falsely claimed that one million phantom voters are on the Sunshine State’s voter rolls.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A day after the 2020 November election, DeSantis, a Republican, praised the way the Florida Division of Elections conducted a “smoothly” operated Election Day, according to NBC Miami.

“People are actually looking at Florida and asking the question, ‘Why can’t these states be more like Florida?'” DeSantis added.

Still, the governor signed a bill in May that proponents said was geared toward improving election security, including adding ID requirements for mail-in voting and restricting the use of drop boxes, which opponents are challenging in court.

In October, DeSantis, who is widely seen as a possible 2024 presidential GOP front-runner, said Florida would not conduct another review of the 2020 election.

Post-election audits happen automatically in Florida.

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