Court Tosses Out Congressional Map for Illegally Favoring Democrats

Court Tosses Out Congressional Map for Illegally Favoring Democrats

A appellate court has delivered a stinging blow to Democrats, ruling their congressional map violated the state’s ban on partisan gerrymandering.

By a 3-2 margin, the majority wrote that they were “satisfied that petitioners established beyond a reasonable doubt that the Legislature acted with partisan intent.”

The previous map had eight Republican-leaning congressional districts. The latest version was rammed through by Democrats in the state legislature “without any Republican input” or “a single Republican vote” and had only four GOP-leaning seats.

Lawmakers in Albany have little more than one week to submit a new map.

But Democrats aren’t ready to surrender just yet.

Per Mediaite:

Gov.  and other top Democrats are expected to appeal the decision to the state’s highest court, the New York Court of Appeals. Oral arguments could begin as soon as next week.

If upheld, the newly drawn district lines would not be used in November’s midterm elections.

Outside of New York, courts have blocked maps gerrymandered by Republicans in North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and gerrymandered by Democrats in Maryland, according to WNBC. As a result, primaries were delayed in North Carolina, Ohio, and Maryland.

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