Democrat Rising Star Implodes After Bullying Children in Drunken Tirade

Democrat Rising Star Implodes After Bullying Children in Drunken Tirade

Democrats clung on at the local level in long after the political realignment of the 1960s made the state hostile to liberal candidates at the federal level.

One congressional district is still competitive, thanks to Oklahoma City’s sizable population gains.

Unfortunately, for progressives, the Democrats’ best hope for winning that seat collapsed like a supernova after a particularly shameful episode at a child’s sleepover.

The Washington Examiner has more on the spectacle newscaster-turned-U.S. House candidate made of herself:

It happened when a friend of Broyles played host to a sleepover for her preteen daughter and some friends earlier this month. She made the mistake of having Broyles, a personal friend, over to visit the same night. By Broyles’s own account, they hung out, watched a movie, and drank some wine.

Broyles, apparently drunk out of her skull, made quite a spectacle in front of the teenagers. The mother of one of the teens subsequently called her out on Twitter for what must have been a very traumatizing event for all of the girls involved. This has since led to a lot of really bad PR for a really, really bad person hoping to win a seat in Congress.

Broyles got drunk and verbally berated several children, and she is now apologizing for the episode, blaming it on alcohol consumption in combination with medication she had “never taken before.” … Multiple accounts corroborated that Broyles became intoxicated and verbally disparaged some of the girls in attendance, saying she called one girl an “acne f*****,” another girl a “Hispanic f*****,” and a third girl a “judgy f*****,” according to Matthews, who initially spoke to a local nonprofit outlet NonDoc regarding the sleepover incident.

According to reports, Broyles at first claimed she hadn’t even been there — and there is reportedly audio of her making this false claim. She subsequently admitted that she had, in fact, been there and that maybe this did happen, but that she didn’t remember anything about the incident because of medication she was taking.

And in the ultimate act of hubris — she has no plans to drop out of the race.

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