Ex-White House Chief of Staff Predicts Trump Won’t Run Again

Ex-White House Chief of Staff Predicts Trump Won’t Run Again

, the longest-serving chief of staff to President , predicts that the former commander-in-chief won’t run for president in 2024.

“He Simply Cannot Be Seen as a Loser”

According to Kelly, Trump is pathologically incapable of being “seen as a loser” as much as he may want a rematch against .

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As Business Insider reports:

In an interview with The Atlantic published Tuesday, Kelly told The Atlantic that he thought Trump would continue to tease a run leading up to campaigning season but in the end would not follow through.

“Trump won’t run,” Kelly told the publication. “He’ll continue talking about it; he may even declare, but he will not run. And the reason is he simply cannot be seen as a loser.”

Yet Trump Continues to Flirt With the Idea

Yet Trump continues to flirt with the idea. And he exerts tremendous influence over the Republican Party. He accelerated its transition from embracing neoconservativism to right-wing populism. Political observers, in part, credit his rise with the decreasing enthusiasm among grassroots conservatives for military adventurism. (RELATED: Trump Pollster Says Former President Leads Biden in the 5 Most Important Swing States)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, widely seen as Trump’s strongest challenger, has experienced success being unapologetically aggressive. DeSantis’ style much more closely resembles Trump’s than George W. Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney’s.

Kelly and Trump: A Relationship of Highs and Lows

Kelly and Trump largely refrained from publicly criticizing each other during the former’s tenure in the White House. However, the gloves came off after the four-star general-turned-presidential advisor left.

Recently, Kelly allegedly told ABC’s Jonathan Karl that if Trump “was a real man,” he would’ve gone to the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 to confront the rioters.

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The Trump organization did not respond to the Insider’s request for comment.

Trump made headlines last weekend when he once again hinted at a 2024 run.


“I think if I run, I’ll get it,” he said in a Fox Business interview. “Look, I have a 94, 95% even, in the CPAC, I had a 98% approval rating. So if I decide to run, I’ll get it very easily.”

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