First Biden, Now House Majority Leader Hoyer Questions Midterms’ Legitimacy

First Biden, Now House Majority Leader Hoyer Questions Midterms’ Legitimacy

President Biden recently questioned whether the midterms would be fair.

When asked about the legitimacy of this year’s elections, Biden said it all depends on whether or not Democrats could repeal the Republican Party’s new election laws in swing states.


Then, House Majority Whip (D-S.C.) did the unthinkable. The normally astute South Carolinian agreed with Biden’s preemptive election conspiracy.

Keep in mind, Clyburn had gone on TV to clean up Biden’s mess:

Now, House Majority Leader (D-Md.) has fallen into the same trap:

In two weeks time, the entire House and Senate Democratic leadership will be saying that American elections can’t be trusted.

But that’s the corner Democrats have painted themselves into by calling laws that put modest restrictions on absentee voting (while providing more opportunities for early voting) the new Jim Crow.

Hot Air adds:

What will they say the morning after Election Day if the expected bloodbath happens? If they go the Stacey Abrams route and allege that the elections were unfair, they’ve handed the GOP a “both sides” defense in 2024 if Trump loses and cries fraud again. If they hedge against that by conceding that the elections were fair, they’ll reveal their “new Jim Crow” shtick to have been hollow rhetoric which they never truly believed. An election can’t be fair if it’s conducted under Jim Crow rules, after all.

As Jen Psaki did for Biden, Hoyer’s spokesman tried to clean up his soundbite after the fact. She ran into the same problem Psaki did, trying to have it both ways:

“Leader Hoyer shares President Biden’s concern that Republican attempts to methodically exclude millions of voters are deeply alarming, and raise serious questions that people who want to make their voice heard won’t be able to participate,” Mulkerrin said.

Leader Hoyer does not believe the 2022 election will be illegitimate, nor would he claim ballots ought to be thrown out if a Democrat loses – simply that millions of Americans have been systematically disenfranchised from our democracy by GOP election suppression legislation, and that we ought to take immediate steps to stop it by passing urgently needed measures to protect the right to vote.”

The truth is that if a red wave comes, the Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.

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