Kinzinger Says ‘Insane’ House Republicans Are Feeding Into Putin’s Narrative

Kinzinger Says ‘Insane’ House Republicans Are Feeding Into Putin’s Narrative

Rep. (R-Ill.) tore into his own caucus yesterday.

Kinzinger slammed the House Republicans’ official Twitter account for calling President Biden weak following his administration’s new sanctions against .

Kinzinger called the tweet, “damn awful.”

The Hill adds:

On Tuesday, Biden announced U.S. sanctions against Russian elites and their relatives, sovereign debt and two financial institutions in response to the Russian invasion into eastern . He also announced that he authorized more U.S. troops to be moved to three European nations to bolster the eastern flank of NATO.

Many Republicans have criticized Biden for his “first tranche” of sanctions, saying he should have gone farther to isolate Russia from the global economy.

Following Biden’s remarks yesterday in the East Room of the White House, NBC News published an op-ed by Daniel R. DePetris at Defense Priorities, scrutinizing his attempt to stop the rapidly escalating situation from getting out of control.

According to DePetris, Biden’s financial penalties for Russia and military aid for Ukraine won’t be enough to dissuade Putin:

But the Kremlin most likely has been expecting the U.S. response to include stronger economic sanctions, which means Putin’s government may be better prepared for them. Putin knows that the harshest possible sanctions the U.S. and its European allies could take – kicking Moscow out of the SWIFT banking system – is not an option given the blowback it would mean for Europe’s own economies. Russia’s $630 billion in foreign reserves could also cushion any sanctions Washington and Europe implement, at least for a time.

Similarly, improving Ukraine’s defenses is unlikely to change Russia’s calculus. Since reports emerged of a Russian troop buildup near Ukraine’s border, Washington has flown planeloads of military equipment into Ukraine, including anti-tank and bunker-buster missiles, ammunition and artillery shells, signaling to Moscow that military action would be a costly endeavor.

Despite the influx of modern weaponry, Russia has a decisive military advantage over Ukraine and greater tolerance of military casualties than the West.

Kinzinger maintains that Republicans “can criticize Biden’s policy but this is insane and feeds into Putin’s narrative.”

Kinzinger continued to press his colleagues later on Tuesday evening after Trump spoke highly of Putin’s justification for invading Ukraine, calling his actions “savvy” and “genius.”

What do you think of Trump’s remarks about Putin and Ukraine? Is it much ado about nothing, a simple gaffe or something worse? As always, share your thoughts with us below!

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