Leaked Email Reveals Push for Anti-Gun Crusade at Tech Giant

Leaked Email Reveals Push for Anti-Gun Crusade at Tech Giant

Cloud-based software giant is in turmoil over its relationship with the National Rifle Association.

recently obtained an email sent by Ray Shipley, Salesforce’s senior director of technology partnerships. In the email, Shipley pleads with his colleagues to “stop the cycle of unimaginable violence” by ending “our customer relationship with the National Rifle Association.” (RELATED: Democrats’ Gun Control Distraction Won’t Solve Our Problems)


Project Veritas has more on the contents of Shipley’s email:

“For me, that is having Salesforce end our customer relationship with the National Rifle Association,” Shipley said in the e-mail. He then hyperlinked to a letter to be delivered to Salesforce leadership which calls for an end to their contract with the adding, “My ask to you is that you co-sign this letter.”

Shipley adds that it’s “unconscionable” that the NRA can use Salesforce’s software for marketing and fundraising. (RELATED: As Gun Sales Soared, the Number of Violent Crimes Committed With Guns Plummeted)

Shipley has gotten over 4,000 employees to sign the letter so far. Additionally, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff has repeatedly expressed support for gun control, as Project Veritas notes:

Salesforce, which is a publicly-traded company, has proudly embraced activism under its Chief Executive Officer, Marc Benioff, who once referred to himself as an “activist CEO.”

Salesforce declined to comment on this story.

Salesforce leadership has given in to targeted pressure campaigns from left-wing employees before. In 2021, the company deplatformed Project Vertias. At the time, executives called the move a “business decision.”

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