McAuliffe Caught Using Fake News to Move Persuadable Voters

McAuliffe Caught Using Fake News to Move Persuadable Voters

With polls showing and in a dead heat, the Democratic nominee is pulling out all the stops.

Even those that are decidedly controversial.

As Fox News reports:

Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe has spent nearly $100,000 advertising “fake news” websites on Facebook during the Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Fox News can reveal.

The Democrat’s advertisements, which have been viewed up to 3.5 million times so far, are hidden on a Facebook page with a similar name to a local news website. The ads link to third-party websites that ostensibly publish local news, but exist to promote Democratic candidates. The websites have been widely described as disinformation and “partisan propaganda.” 

The revelation comes less than a week before election day, and as the candidates fight for every last vote, with polls showing McAuliffe and rival Republican Glenn Youngkin locked in a tight battle.

Besides having his own Facebook page, the McAuliffe campaign manages a page called “The Download Virginia.” Although it only has 67 Likes, millions of people have seen it’s targeted advertisements. The Wall Street Journal reports that the advertisements promote content from websites funded by left-wing super PACs.

The McAuliffe campaign has spent a total of between $90,200 to $106,398 on advertisements linking to the Independent and the Dogwood. Those advertisements have garnered the campaign a total of between 3,290,000 and 3,470,000 “impressions,” a term that Facebook uses to describe the number of screens that an advertisement has reached.

By disguising themselves as local news, the apparent hope is that they’ll shift the narrative enough to ensure a McAuliffe victory on Election Day.

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