Pennsylvania Court Hears Arguments That Could Decide 2022’s Most Important Primary

Pennsylvania Court Hears Arguments That Could Decide 2022’s Most Important Primary

No state is perhaps as politically divided as .

Conventional wisdom suggests the quality of the candidate the Republicans choose to run for the Keystone State’s Senate open seat this fall will play a significant role in the GOP’s eventual victory or defeat. (RELATED: The Biggest Takeaways From the Most Important Primary Night So Far)

The contest between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick has gone down to the wire. Oz, a celebrity surgeon supported by President Trump, leads McCormick, a former George W. Bush administration official and ex-hedge fund CEO, by a fraction of a percentage point.

With a statewide recount underway, McCormick hopes to eradicate Oz’s narrow lead with an appeal to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. McCormick’s lawyers argued today that the Pennsylvania Department of State should count mail-in ballots that voters left undated. (RELATED: Republican Senate Primary Heads to Recount)

The Daily Wire’s Ben Zeisloft has more on the latest updates from both campaigns:

“McCormick, citing a recent opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, says the state’s current practice of rejecting them is arbitrary and done under a rule that serves no legitimate purpose in determining the eligibility of the voter,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. “McCormick has generally outperformed Oz in mail voting and he hopes that counting the roughly 860 undated mail ballots statewide can help him make up his deficit.”

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has sided with the Oz campaign’s position in similar past cases, according to the outlet. “But it will be interesting to see whether the Third Circuit’s opposite stance on the issue influences its thinking going forward.”

Some county boards — including those overseeing the Lancaster and Cumberland county elections — plan to start tallying by Tuesday, according to WGAL. All counties begin counting by Wednesday, finish their recounts by Tuesday, June 7, and report their results to the state by the next day.

Oz declared himself the “presumptive Republican nominee” in a social media video on Friday. “It’s time to unite. I want to hear your ideas and make this country’s future as bright as it has ever been,” Oz said. “With more freedom, less big government, and by empowering our people, America’s light will shine brighter than ever.”


Zeisloft’s article reports that Oz’s campaign has support from the Republican National Committee (RNC), suggesting the GOP has already decided to coalesce around Oz against Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Oz commented on his frontrunner status and Fetterman’s health condition:

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