Polls Give Newsom Edge as Recall Enters Final 24 Hours

Polls Give Newsom Edge as Recall Enters Final 24 Hours

If the numbers are any indication, embattled Gov. will likely survive his recall scare tomorrow against his would-be replacement, Republican

Yet neither side is taking anything for granted as the final 24 hours until the polls close rapidly approach. In Los Angeles, #MeToo activist and former actress Rose McGowan appeared alongside Elder to endorse his candidacy, despite their differences. McGowan used the opportunity to repeat her claim that Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, discouraged her from going public with credible accusations of sexual assault by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

According to Business Insider, McGowan first made the allegations against Newsom’s wife last Thursday on The Rubin Report.

McGowan said Jennifer Siebel Newsom contacted her in 2017, about six months before The New York Times published their bombshell report detailing decades of sexual harassment accusations against Weinstein.

McGowan said Jennifer Siebel Newsom called her on behalf of Weinstein’s lawyer to ask what they could do “to make her happy,” which she understood to be a bribe offer.

Gov. Newsom dismissed McGowan’s accusation as a desperate smear campaign. A spokesperson for the governor’s wife added that Siebel Newsom made sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein after the New York Times piece. 

Tonight, the Newsom campaign is redoubling its efforts to promote the “War on Women” narrative as a cudgel to bludgeon Elder’s standing with women. He’s also preparing for a last-minute get-out-the-vote rally with President in Long Beach.

As ABC News’ Rick Klein, Averi Harper, and Meg Cunningham report, “Biden touches down in California having just unveiled sweeping federal vaccination mandates that reach deep into the private sector.” 

Klein et al. continue:

Those moves brought outrage among conservatives, including some 19 Republican governors vowing to challenge his authority, in court or the court of public opinion.

Yet Biden and Newsom believe that with the Delta variant hitting red states hardest, Elder’s calls to end mandates and shutdowns will fall flat with moderate voters.

Newsom’s campaign has juiced ballot returns with concerns that a Republican governor would, as Newsom said last week, “walk us off that same COVID cliff” as GOP-led states like Texas and Florida. The leading Republican replacement candidate, Larry Elder, has promised to roll back vaccine and mask mandates immediately if he is sworn in. 

It’s unclear how long it will take authorities to declare a winner after the polls close tomorrow at 8 p.m. Approximately seven million Californians have mailed in their ballots already and polls trended in Newsom’s favor beginning in September after Democrats nationalized the race.

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