Report: GOP Sees Opening for Kid Rock to Run for Congress

Report: GOP Sees Opening for Kid Rock to Run for Congress

With a brutal primary expected and no clear favorite yet in ’s 5th Congressional District, some Republicans are rallying behind another candidate.

That candidate happens to be one of the world’s most successful recording artists. His name is Robert James Ritchie, but you know him as .

Members of Congress are trying to recruit Rock to run following GOP infighting between two MAGA-aligned candidates. (RELATED: Some of President Trump’s Biggest Supporters Aren’t Happy With His Latest Endorsement)

POLITICO first reported the news, saying that “some MAGA members of Congress” are pushing Rock to run given that he calls Nashville home.

Rock has remained in contact with Donald Trump since Trump left the White House. The singer-songwriter recently released a new single entitled “We the People,” that goes after President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci. (RELATED: Fauci Cleared of Hatch Act Violation Days Before 2020 Election)




In 2018, Rock was accused (but ultimately cleared) of violating campaign law when he promoted “Kid Rock for U.S. Senate” without ever filing to run for office with the FEC. Rock joked to a source who’s recruiting him that he’s open to considering a House run because his faux campaign for Senate was so successful in selling concert tickets. Rock would be naturally positioned for a Trump endorsement — mainly because he’s famous — but the former president just endorsed former State Department spokesperson  for the same seatthis week. Another wrinkle to all this: Alex Isenstadt reports that the MAGA wing of the party is outraged over Trump’s decision to endorse Ortagus over Trump die-hard .

Coincidentally, Rock spoke to Trump by phone on Wednesday. Although the impetus for the call was Rock’s new song.

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