Republican Truck Driver Beating New Jersey Senate President

Republican Truck Driver Beating New Jersey Senate President


The Associated Press has called the New Jersey Senate race in favor of Republican .

Durr’s victory over Democrat has massive implications for both Republicans and Democrats in New Jersey. Sweeney’s influence as the longtime president of the state’s upper legislative chamber rivaled that of governors. Insiders widely believed that he’d be the Garden State’s next governor.


Republican Ed Durr is on the verge of knocking New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) out of office.

Durr, a first-time candidate and truck driver, raised several thousand dollars but reportedly only spent $153 during his campaign.

Four years ago, Sweeney won re-election in one of the most expensive state legislative races ever. Now, he trails Durr by 2,000 votes.

Fox News reports:

“I didn’t beat him. We beat him,” Durr said on “Fox News Primetime” late Wednesday. “The state of New Jersey, the people of New Jersey beat him. They listened to what I had to say and I listened to what they had to say, and it’s a repudiation of Governor Murphy [who] went and locked us down and ignored the people’s voice and senator Sweeney chose to do nothing for those 18 months,” he said.

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His victory proves that ” you cannot tell people they can’t have a job. You can’t tell people they can’t go to church,” he told host Rachel Campos-Duffy. “And that’s what was done. And there was nothing done by the legislature, so this was the people’s voice being made heard clear.”

Durr said he felt compelled to run against Sweeney over frustrations stemming from the state’s coronavirus response and lockdowns, which had a crippling impact on employment in the state.

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Asked what he plans to do on his first day as Senate president, Durr said, “I really don’t know.”

But he promised to listen to the will of the people.