California Allots $20 Million to Medical Students Who Commit to Providing Abortions 

California Allots $20 Million to Medical Students Who Commit to Providing Abortions 

In ’s 2022-23 Budget Summary, Governor allots $20 million to medical students who commit to providing abortions.

The general fund will go toward scholarships and loan repayment, as recommended by the California Future of Abortion Council

Governor Newsom has been an ardent supporter of the industry and committed to keeping abortion in California even if federal laws change. 

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Newsom said, “At a time when some across our nation are purposefully and deliberately choosing to attack women’s reproductive rights, California will continue to be a beacon of light – expanding access to abortion and reproductive care, and ensuring our state is a place where people receive critical reproductive health care services quickly and safely.”

The Health and Human Services department is prioritizing abortion access in Medi-Cal services, suggesting, “The Administration will work with the Legislature to reduce barriers to accessing abortion and abortion related services through managed care plans.” 

Planned Parenthood, which accepts Medi-Cal, has expressed appreciation for Newsom. In response to the 2022-23 Budget Summary, the abortion provider said, 

We look forward to continuing our work with Governor Newsom and legislative leaders throughout the budget process to develop the details that will ultimately increase access to and affordability of abortion care – making sure California continues to build upon its status as a ‘Reproductive Freedom state’ amid extreme and dangerous restrictions being implemented around the country.

Pro-abortion advocates have been on the defensive after 2021 was dubbed the “worst year for abortion rights.” 

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