Pfizer Reveals Plans for Young Children to Get Vaccinated This Fall

Pfizer Reveals Plans for Young Children to Get Vaccinated This Fall

The makers of the -BioNTech COVID vaccine will soon submit data to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) from children aged six months to 11-years-old.

Observers expect the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s data on the vaccine’s safety and efficacy in young children to go to the FDA at the end of September or the beginning of October. ABC News chronicles the advancing clinical trials:

In addition to studying vaccine safety and side effects in kids, the study will examine antibody response to ensure the vaccine produces enough immunity at lower doses.

The study will include up to 4,500 participants from the United States, Finland, Poland and Spain, according to Pfizer.

“Today marks an important next step in our efforts to understand the safety and immune response of our COVID-19 vaccine,” Dr. Bill Gruber, senior vice president of clinical research and development at Pfizer, said in a statement. In the coming weeks, Phase 2/3 trials will start for 2- to 4-year-olds, as well as those as young as six months, according to Gruber.

“We take a deliberate and careful approach to help us understand the safety and how well the vaccine can be tolerated in younger children,” Gruber said.

Pfizer announced its timetable at a virtual investor conference Wednesday.