Cruz and Barrasso Introduce Alternate Senate Gun Bill

Cruz and Barrasso Introduce Alternate Senate Gun Bill

Texas has sent a Second Amendment ally to the U.S. Senate after all.

While Republican Senator John Cornyn has been busy making backroom deals with Democrats and bartering away the gun rights of law-abiding Americans – the state’s other Senator – has been working on his own legislation in the aftermath of the tragedy that took place in Uvalde last month.

Cruz – along with Wyoming’s Senator – introduced legislation – titled the Safe Kids, Safe Schools, Safe Communities Act of 2022 – last night that would “DOUBLE the number of school resource officers, invest in school mental health professionals, fund school security measures, & reduce gun violence.”

Senator Barrasso said in a joint statement that he believes the new “legislation will make a difference by securing schools and providing mental health professionals to identify and address the behavioral health needs of our students. This is an opportunity for Congress to take meaningful action to make our communities safer while always protecting the constitutional rights of Americans” he continued.

This bill differs from its earlier introduced counterpart because it does not send millions of dollars to states to enforce red flag laws that violate Americans’ rights to due process.

Cruz joined Fox News host Sean Hannity last night to advocate for his bill – and blast the one currently making its way through the Senate chamber.

The National Rifle Institute () also made their thoughts on the newly proposed legislation known via a statement from Executive Director Jason Ouimet.

“On behalf of our millions of members, the NRA thanks Sen. Cruz and Sen. Barrasso for introducing the Safe Kids, Safe Schools, Safe Communities Act of 2022. Among other things, this legislation addresses critical issues like school security – to help keep our children and teachers safe, invests in mental health, and focuses on the prosecution of criminals while bolstering the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

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