Dana Loesch Rips Apart Democrats’ Radical Gun Control Proposals at Women’s Summit

Dana Loesch Rips Apart Democrats’ Radical Gun Control Proposals at Women’s Summit

One of the conservative movement’s most effective advocates — — used her time on the main stage at the Turning Point USA Women’s Leadership Summit to demolish ongoing attempts by Washington Democrats to push reactionary gun control measures through the halls of Congress.

A former spokesperson for the National Rifle Association and current nationally syndicated radio host, Loesch has been a leading voice for the Second Amendment for over a decade. She has an outstanding track record of defending law-abiding gun owners, both when it has been easy and when it’s been hard.

Last night she took the main stage in the ballroom of the Gaylord Texan, outside of her hometown of Dallas, in front of over 2,500 young women to once again refute the radical gun control proposals offered by Democrats hours before on Capitol Hill and repeated by President Biden in a rare primetime address.

Loesch kicked off her speech by stating that there is a difference between preparation and paranoia, alluding to the fact current proposals offered up by the radical left are a result of the latter.

During yesterday’s emergency markup of the Protecting Our Kids Act, Democrats made an effort to once again restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners in the wake of national tragedies committed by criminals.

The bill they are currently trying to push through is an omnibus, comprised of eight bills that would do a number of things. These include raising the age of purchasing semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21, creating so-called “red flag laws” and enacting universal background checks on firearms purchases.

Loesch’s opposition to seeing Congress raise the age of purchasing firearms is personal. As a mother to her college-age son, she said she remembered the day he had to sign a military draft card after he turned 18. Her response to the proposal was as concise as it was moving:

“If my son can sign a draft card to be in the military, he can own a gun.”

Loesch also fact-checked the research cited by House Judiciary Chairman, New York Democrat , who suggested that women owning firearms does not make them safer.

After examining the methodology of the study cited by Nadler in yesterday’s hearing, Loesch shared her findings with the crowd.

She found that Arthur Kellermann inflated the numbers in his 1993 study, Gun Ownership as a Risk Factor for Homicide in the Home because he counted not only cases in which women had firearms present in their homes but all instances of deaths by homicide in his results.

In reference to last month’s school shooting in Uvalde, Loesch said she “shouldn’t have to pay the penalty” for “garbage parenting,” if some “deadbeat mom didn’t parent her kid.”

At the end of her speech, Loesch left the young women in the audience with the following message.

“You are going to be gaslit. You are going to be shamed for wanting to protect yourself and your family. Those opinions don’t matter.

Indeed — as Loesch demonstrates every day as a strong, independent woman — they don’t.

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