Senate Tees Up Floor Vote To Confirm ATF Nominee

Senate Tees Up Floor Vote To Confirm ATF Nominee

The Senate approved a motion this afternoon to send the confirmation of Biden’s ATF nominee – – to be voted on by the full chamber, possibly as soon as next week.

Maine Republican was one of two members of her party to support the motion. She is allegedly planning to reach out to sportsmen’s groups about the vote.

Ohio Republican Rob Portman also voted to advance Dettelbach’s nomination.

Dettelbach’s nomination advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a tied 11-11 vote earlier today.

The earlier tied vote made this afternoon’s vote on the “motion to discharge” a necessary step in the process.

West Virginia Senator made it known last week that he would support Dettelbach’s nomination and vote to confirm him. He voted in favor of advancing his nomination this afternoon.

Biden nominated Dettelbach to the post in April of this year – after his previous ATF nominee David Chipman did not make it to a floor vote last year.

During a press conference at the White House on the day of his nomination, Dettelbach touted his record as a prosecutor and his history of working with the agency he is nominated to lead.

He also shared his commitment to addressing what he called the “epidemic of firearms violence” facing Americans:

“As we emerge from this pandemic, we’ve got to recognize that many Americans still face fear and isolation not because of a virus, but because of an epidemic of firearms violence. It’s not a new problem, and it has many causes. That’s why it’s going to take an all-hands-on-deck-partnership approach to address that issue.”

After Dettelbach appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month for a hearing, the White Hosue reaffirmed their wish to see him confirmed to the post.

Ironically, the White House highlighted a segment of Dettelbach’s Senate testimony in which he said “that politics can play no role in law enforcement.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are using recent tragedies to try and enforce their radical gun control agenda in any way that they can.

There are a number of bills working through both the House and Senate that would significantly restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans across the country.

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