Russian Attack Helicopter Crosses NATO Airspace in Estonia, Iranian Boats Provoke U.S. Navy 

Russian Attack Helicopter Crosses NATO Airspace in Estonia, Iranian Boats Provoke U.S. Navy 

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Army veteran who threw Molotov cocktails at Oregon police sentenced. A federal judge has sentenced a 25-year-old man who threw Molotov cocktails at police in Portland, Ore., during mass protests against police brutality to 10 years in prison.


No, aircraft carriers will not be useless in a war with China. A lot would have to align before China’s military could successfully hit a carrier at sea with a ballistic missile under wartime conditions. 

Chinese bombers, fighters cross Taiwan air defense zone in large numbers. Taiwan deployed jets and air defense systems Tuesday after 29 Chinese warplanes, including bombers and fighters, entered its air defense zone, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense.


Ukraine expects EU-wide support for candidacy to join bloc. A Ukrainian deputy prime minister says she’s “100%” certain all 27 EU nations will approve making a candidate for membership in the bloc.

French paratroopers conduct military drill in Estonia. French armed forces conducted a surprise military exercise in , deploying more than 100 paratroopers in the Baltic country that neighbors Russia, the French defense ministry said Wednesday.

Russian helicopter gunship violates Estonia’s airspace, further flaring tensions in run-up to NATO security meeting. A rare intrusion into Estonian airspace by a Russian Mi-8 attack helicopter has prompted the latest salvo of charges that Moscow is ratcheting up tensions in the Baltic region one week ahead of a major NATO security summit. 

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 120. A British man sentenced to death by a Russian proxy court for fighting in Ukraine has been told the execution will be carried out, his family have told the BBC. The European Union is set to make an historic offer of candidacy status to Ukraine at a summit that starts on Thursday.

The arrival of Western weapons begins to reshape the battle off Ukraine’s coast. The Ukrainian military said late on Tuesday that it was using “various forces and methods of destruction” to attack Russian infrastructure on Snake Island, a speck of land south of Odesa that is critical to efforts to control the Black Sea. On Wednesday, the military said it had destroyed a Russian air defense system, radar installation and vehicles on the island.


Video shows Iran’s elite commandos taunting US Navy ships. The US Navy said this was the second “unsafe and unprofessional” encounter with Iranian ships in the last six months.


Pew poll: Global views on NATO and U.S. rise; for Russia, a decline. In a time of crisis, the international image of the United States, NATO and Russia has shifted — with views on Russia plunging and views of the United States and NATO remaining positive, even increasing, a Pew study of 18 nations found.

France requests Switchblade loitering munition to fill ‘urgent’ capability gap. The French Army has started the process of quickly procuring American-made loitering munitions as part of a longer-term effort to field remotely operated weapon systems, according to officials.

Analysis: What Turkey wants to let Finland and Sweden into NATO. Finnish and Swedish hopes of being accepted by NATO’s next summit have been dashed by a Turkish government with its own agenda. 


Marine Corps artillery? It isn’t too late to salvage it. Armor, engineering and other required assets may be forever lost, but it is not too late for an artillery course correction, this retired Marine lieutenant general writes.

Space Force needs ‘bodies’ at Pacific commands to meet rising threats. In past Pacific exercises, space capabilities came into the picture after the fact—supposition over what Air Force Space Command might have done had it been involved. 

UGH – Air Force to launch free maternity uniform pilot program at 10 locations. Pregnant airmen and guardians at 10 bases across the country and in Japan will soon be able to receive free maternity uniform items through the Maternity Uniform Pilot Program, or “Rent the Camo.”


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