US Announces Security Partnership to Counter China

US Announces Security Partnership to Counter China

The and the have announced a new trilateral security partnership with to counter ’s ambitions in the South Pacific.

The alliance will enable the Royal Australian Navy to acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines for the first time.


The new partnership, which will be known as AUKUS, will enable the three countries to share artificial intelligence, undersea capabilities and other advanced technologies and deepen cooperation on a range of defense capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region.

“This is about investing in our greatest source of strength, our alliances, and updating them to better meet the threats of today and tomorrow,” said President Joe Biden, who announced the partnership Wednesday during a virtual news conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Senior administration officials who briefed reporters ahead of the announcement on the condition of anonymity said the partnership is designed to promote peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific and should not be viewed as a direct challenge to China.

Relations between the U.S. and China have frayed in recent years over a range of issues, including trade, intellectual property theft, human rights and China’s aggressive actions against Hong Kong.

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