CNN Legal Analyst Accuses Rittenhouse of ‘Rehearsed’ Testimony

CNN Legal Analyst Accuses Rittenhouse of ‘Rehearsed’ Testimony

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin was unmoved by ’s testimony today in his homicide trial and ignored the prosecution’s worst day yet.

Under obvious strain, Rittenhouse broke down on the stand. At multiple times, the heated atmosphere inside the courtroom ignited when Judge Bruce Schroeder reprimanded lead prosecutor Thomas Binger.

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Schroeder went so far as to accuse Binger of risking a “grave constitutional violation” for commenting on the Rittenhouse’s right to pretrial silence.

Speculation on the trial’s outcome from all but the most blind ideologues was overwhelmingly negative:


Later on, Judge Schroeder dismissed the jury for a second time after Binger initiated a line of questions in his cross-examination that he hadn’t approve with the judge.

The drama reached a crescendo after Rittenhouse began sobbing uncontrollably while attempting to describe his encounter with the first man he claims that he had no choice but to shoot.

Before a hushed courtroom, Rittenhouse eventually described in excruciating detail how Joseph Rosenbaum allegedly threatened him, “If I catch any of you f—ers alone, I’m going to f—— kill you. Rittenhouse added, “He said, ‘I’m going to cut your f—— hearts out.”

While the court took a lunch recess, a CNN panel, including Martin, reacted to the testimony.

As Mediaite reports:

“The defense had Rittenhouse, right, go through the sequence of events that night. And he had the opportunity then to detail threats he says he heard from two of those that he shot and killed,” said CNN Newsroom anchor Ana Cabrera. “But, Areva, obviously this isn’t going to be his word against theirs. They’re dead. What kind of impact does that have?”

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“Very impactful. And one thing I’ll say to what Laura just said, yes, on cross-examination what we saw was, I thought, a very rehearsed Kyle Rittenhouse,” responded Martin. “He was using terms that I don’t imagine your typical 17-year-old, he was 17 at the time, 18 now, he’s a nursing student, he’s not a pre-law student, he’s not a law student. So he was using some terms that I would think wouldn’t be in the vocabulary of your typical 17- or 18-year-old.”

“And jurors are smart. They’re going to catch onto that. And I think he was using language that really laid out this legal self-defense, you know, legal self-defense, is what his lawyers are going to argue,” she continued. “And I think jurors picked up on that. That this guy, yes, were very emotional on direct examination but yet when he it came to cross-examination he, you know, became as Laura said, defiant and then he almost became like a junior lawyer, using a lot of legalese and talking and terminology. So they’re going to have to weigh the credibility.”

“So it really comes down to, do we believe Kyle Rittenhouse is telling the truth or is he just giving the performance of a lifetime,” she said.

CNN senior legal analyst Laura Coates added that Rittenhouse had benefited from sympathetic media coverage:

Yet these remarks pale in comparison to the actions of GoFundMe, which purged online fundraisers created to support Rittenhouse’s legal defense. At the time the crowdfunding platform said that the campaigns violated its terms of service without elaborating. Meanwhile, Facebook’s “arbiters of truth” all but declared Rittenhouse guilty of mass murder.

Even Joe Biden said this on national television:

How confident are you that Kyle Rittenhouse will be acquitted of all charges? Tell us in the comments below, and while you’re at it, help spread the word!

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