Liberty Rising Brief: Funding Diversity and Abortion

Liberty Rising Brief: Funding Diversity and Abortion

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“The moment you stop caring what people think of you is the moment you become free.” – James O’Keefe


Imminent Invasion?

The latest advancements between Russia and Ukraine are leading U.S. officials to warn of a forthcoming invasion. See the dire warning Secretary of State Antony Blinken had for members of the U.N. Security Council here.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s handling of the situation has been regarded as “diplomatic.”

The Wall Street Journal wrote,

President Biden’s response to Russia’s military aggression along the border with Ukraine is testing whether his career-long reliance on alliance-building can help avert a potential catastrophe in Europe, and so far he has avoided the diplomatic mistakes that dogged his first year in office.

The president suggested an invasion would be “bloody and destructive,” although he believes diplomatic solutions are being presented to Russian leaders. Amid political delegations, Russia has already increased militant activity near the border and is suspected to have hacked Ukraine computer systems.

Vladimir Putin stationed 7,000 more troops near Ukraine, despite claiming to have reduced the count. However, “The first shots in a Ukraine conflict may be in space,” according to national security expert Paul Crespo. Click here to keep reading his assessment you won’t find anywhere else!

Military Priorities: Diversity and Climate Change

While Russia expands its military power, America is focusing on matters of the “heart,” including diversity and climate change.

Coupled with President Biden’s anti-gun agenda, the right to bear arms is becoming ever more important than ever.

As ALN’s John Lott explains:

Fact-checkers keep assuring Americans that President Biden doesn’t want to ban guns, but simply wants “reasonable” gun regulations. Yet judging by the president’s rhetoric, Biden either doesn’t know much about guns (a concerning possibility given his constant push for more regulations) or is calling for a complete ban on the vast majority of guns sold in the U.S.

Trump Policy Reversed:

The reversal of a Trump-era policy is allowing taxpayer money to fund “family planning” services that promote and provide abortion. Learn EXACTLY what Planned Parenthood is doing with your money here.


On this day in 1879, French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi’s patent for the Statue of Liberty was approved. The iconic statue arrived in New York Harbor in 1885.

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