Kamala Harris’ Niece Offers CRT Workaround After Defending Controversial Teachings

Kamala Harris’ Niece Offers CRT Workaround After Defending Controversial Teachings

A well-known defender of critical race theory has modified her approach to broaching the topic in a new Washington Post op-ed.

’ article comes at a crucial moment in the debate over CRT.

Harris is Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece.

In her op-ed, Harris accuses conservative lawmakers of preventing teachers from “discussing racism, equity and justice in classrooms.” She adds that progressives often don’t have “explicit plans to discuss anti-racism” with schoolchildren.

But there may be a workaround outside the classroom.

As Fox News reports:

Harris called for families nationwide to “start taking time at home to discuss the injustices that shaped our nation’s past, the work still to be done in our present, and the values that should define our future.”

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Harris went on to recommend a children’s version of “The 1619 Project” co-authored by Nikole Hannah-Jones called “Born on the Water” as well as “Your Legacy” by Broadway director Schele Williams, saying those books “offer honest depictions of our nation’s racist past and empowering narratives for children of color” and “can help Black and Brown kids understand a key tenet of anti-racism from an early age: thinking critically and questioning the status quo.”

She also recommended parents to read the original “The 1619 Project” as part of “unlearning our own biases.”

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“It’s crucial that their White classmates learn about our country’s past and the ways it informs our present — so they can be strong, anti-racist allies both inside and outside of the classroom,” Harris wrote. “Parents and children alike could benefit from cracking open a book like ‘Born on the Water’ or ‘Your Legacy.’ Because far more powerful than any attempt to erase history is a movement of conscientious families willing to face it head on.”

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